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Platelet Donation

Platelet donation is a special form of Blood Donation. During Platelet donation, only the required platelets are removed from the Blood.

  • Red Blood cells ( RBCs )
  • White Blood cells ( WBCs )
  • Platelets
  • Plasma

Platelets are cellular Blood components that help blood to clot. They are body’s first line of defence against bleeding. If there is bleeding anywhere outside( that can be seen ) or Internally ( which cannot be seen ) Platelets rush to the site of Injury and form a clot & stop the bleeding.

Disease like Dengue/Malaria & Leptospirosis, Major Heart Surgeries & Major Infections Cancer Patients during the entire course of Chemotherapy & or radiation treatment.

The procedure is similar to blood donation. The only difference is that platelet donor gives blood into cell separator a computer Controlled machine that draws donor blood, separates the platelets and returns the plasma and all other blood components back to the donor. The whole process takes 1 hour.

Absolutely safe. All the materials ( tubing, needles and Plastic software to collect blood are disposable, sterile and discarded after each session. There is no chance of infection whatsoever.

  • Age 18 – 60 years
  • Currently not on any medication
  • Weight above 55 kgs
  • Hemoglobin greater than 12.5
  • Vein status good
  • Blood pressure Normal
  • Platelets count is above 1.75 – 4.5 lakhs

Platelets donation is as safe as blood donation. There is just slight pain during the insertion of the needle in your vein. Some donors might experience tingling, numbness of fingers or over face which is taken care of by the trained doctors.

You can go to work same day but strenuous physical activity should be avoided. The donor is observed for a short period 15 to 20 minutes post donation where he / she is given refreshments like coffee and biscuits.

  • Have a good healthy meal ( breakfast or Lunch ) within 4 hours of donation.
  • Do not consume alcohol 24 hours before donation.
  • Do not smoke at least for four hours before the procedure.

It takes about 2 to 3 days for the platelets to regenerate in the body.

You can donate platelets maximum twice a month and not more than 24 times a year.

A single bag of platelets donated from one donor can be used to save upto 3 patients lives.

Certificate of appreciation is given to the donor. Donation is Voluntary, Selfless activity without expecting anything in return.