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Help People With Cancer

Yes, you can help cancer patient by donating blood or platelets at Tata Memorial Hospital or contact us for more query.

Donate Blood and Platelets

Platelets are generated in Bone Marrow. There is no man made or synthetic substitute for Platelets.

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Nobody can do Everything, But Everybody can do something. Join our group to stay in touch for upcoming noble cause.

What is Platelet ?

Platelet donation is a special form of Blood Donation.


About Sanjay Mody - Platelet Donor

Mr. Sanjay Mody is an inspiration in himself. Not only he goes all the way from Kandivali to donate platelet at TATA memorial hospital but also makes it a point  to motivate others. At a time  when people fear to leave their homes fearing pandemic. He goes  every 15 days to the Hospital to save lives.

Glimpse of Sanjay Mody Journey

Join the noble cause with us.

Till date 110th Total Platelets Donation

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100th Platelets Donation at Tata

Certification from TATA on Completion of 100th Platelet Donation

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glimpse-sanjay-mody (3)

Felicitations Award from Tata Memorial Cancer Hospital

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Appreciation from Lokmat Newspaper for crossing half century as a platelet donation

More than Healthcare

Human Care

If you are voluntary looking for blood or platelet donation.



A pint of blood donation saves three lives.

Feb 2023

Blood Donation Camp in Association Samarpan Blood Bank

Imprint Site, Borivali (East)

27 Nov 2022

Blood Donation Camp in Association Tata Memorial Hospital

Imprint Site, Borivali (East)

08 May 2022

Blood Donation Camp in Association with Samarpan Blood Bank

Shiv Sai Krida Mandal – Shiuv Sai Maidan, Tata Power House, Borivali (E)


Feel the happiness who donated the blood so far.

Imprint Site - February, 2023 Borivali East

Imprint Site - 27th November, 2022
Borivali East

Shiv Sai Krida Mandal - Borivali East - 8th May, 2022

More Ways You Can Make a Difference

Join the noble cause with us.


Host a Blood Drive


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Blogs & Articles

Health and Noble cause related articles.


What causes a low platelet count?

A low platelet count is a blood disorder that has a long list of possible causes. It is also known as thrombocytopenia.


Blood Donation: The Gift of Life

Blood donation is considered as the gift of life as there is no substitute present for human blood. Donate blood and feel blessing.


Benefits of Plasma Donation

Donating plasma doesn’t only make you more aware of your diet. It may also have a positive impact on your physical health. 


How To Be A Healthy Blood Donor

Only individuals in good health should be accepted as blood donors. Donors should feel well on the day of donation.